All About P.S. 75

Public School 75

Location: 984 Faile street

                    Bronx, NY 10459    

Phone: (718)860-1630

Fax: (718)860-4480

Administration:  Marines Arrieta-Cruz, School Principal

                                  Ezra Nanton, Assistant Principal

                                  Yokasta Pena, Assistant Principal 


Public School 75's Mascot

Public School 75's Mascot

Public School 75 is home to Percy the Owl!  The owl was adapted as our school mascot, September 2012 by our students and staff.  We are happy to welcome this powerful and intelligent creature to our school family.  

Our Mascot and Our Curriculum

An owl word and quote was adapted bi-monthly by the curriculum team to recognize owl character traits in relation to students.

 Sept.-Oct. – Knowledge ”Knowing Our Surroundings”

Nov.-Dec. – Helpfulness “Working as a Community”

Jan.-Feb. – Observation “Seeing is Believing”

March-April – Bravery “Facing Challenges”

May-June - Leadership “Rising to the Top”  


*School Colors – purple and yellow

Public School 75's Mission Statement

Public School 75's Mission Statement 

It is our mission to create a school environment that will encourage self-reliant, critical thinkers who are socially, globally and environmentally aware of the world.  With the full support from out administration, staff, parents and community, we will provide standard-based academic opportunities that will challenge and enable our students to fulfill their full academic potential.  We will celebrate our community's cultural diversityand create opportunities for all students to become responsible and productive adults in the 21st century.       

Public School 75's Vision Statement

Public School 75's Vision Statement

It is our vision at Public School 75 to educate the whole child in a safe and happy school environment.  Within this environment, our students will be provided with the necessary tools to experience successful academic and emotional growth. 

Public School 75's Motto

Public School 75's Motto

We come to school everyday to work, work, work!