All About P.S. 75

Public School 75

Location: 984 Faile street

                    Bronx, NY 10459    

Phone: (718)860-1630

Fax: (718)860-4480

Administration:  Marines Arrieta-Cruz, School Principal

                                  Ezra Nanton, Assistant Principal (4th - 5th Grades)

                                  Claribel Morales, Assistant Principal (2nd-3rd Grades)

                                  Yokasta Pena, Assistant Principal  (3K/PreK - 1st Grades and ENL & SPED) 


Public School 75's Mascot

Public School 75's Mascot

Public School 75 is home to Percy the Owl!  The owl was adapted as our school mascot, September 2012 by our students and staff.  We are happy to welcome this powerful and intelligent creature to our school family.  

Our Mascot and Our School Community

An owl word and quote was adapted bi-monthly by the curriculum team to recognize owl character traits in relation to students.

 Sept.-Oct. – Knowledge ”Knowing Our Surroundings”

Nov.-Dec. – Helpfulness “Working as a Community”

Jan.-Feb. – Observation “Seeing is Believing”

March-April – Bravery “Facing Challenges”

May-June - Leadership “Rising to the Top”  


*School Colors – purple and grey 

Public School 75's Mission Statement

Public School 75's Mission Statement 

At PS 75, it is our mission to empower our students to make a difference with their minds, bodies, and hearts.

Public School 75's Vision Statement

Public School 75's Vision Statement

We encourage students to immerse themselves with opportunities to collaborate with others, to strive for educational excellence and to reach personal goals and aspirations.   We inspire our students to take healthy risks in their quest for excellence and self-resilience.    We instill kindness as an instrument of positive change and social-emotional development.  We empower our students to make a difference with their minds, bodies, and hearts.


Public School 75's Motto

Public School 75's Motto

We come to school everyday to work, work, work!

Public School 75's Values Statement

PS 75x is a welcoming, learning environment that models collaboration amongst teachers, students and parents.  We value different cultures and traditions of the community and believe that when we work together we grow closer together.  We model how to be fair, sensitive, and kind to each other, while holding students accountable for their own learning and personal growth.